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music education, instrument learning

Yousician is a music education app that uses gamification to teach users how to play various instruments, including guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, and singing. It provides interactive lessons and feedback to facilitate learning.

ChatGPT Sidebar

enhanced chat interface

ChatGPT Sidebar is a tool that provides various functionalities such as summarizing webpages, providing definitions and explanations, translations, and grammar checks. It enhances the browsing experience by offering quick and convenient access to valuable information and language tools.

YouTube Summary by Glasp

video summaries, learning, education

YouTube Summary by Glasp is a tool that provides a quick summary of the key points in a long and interesting video. It uses AI algorithms to analyze the video's content and generate a concise summary, saving users time and helping them grasp the main ideas without watching the entire video.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

AI-powered writing, educational tool

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is a platform that provides a curated collection of powerful prompts to enhance the usage of ChatGPT. It offers a variety of prompt templates that can be used to level up the capabilities and effectiveness of ChatGPT in various contexts and applications.


language learning, language education

Duolingo is a language-learning app that utilizes AI-powered algorithms to personalize the learning experience for each user. It offers interactive lessons and exercises to help users learn new languages effectively and at their own pace.

Squirrel AI

AI-driven learning platform, personalized education

Squirrel AI is an AI-powered adaptive learning platform that provides personalized tutoring and assessment for K-12 students. It utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver tailored educational content and support to students.


adaptive learning platform, personalized education

Knewton is an AI-powered adaptive learning platform that provides personalized course materials and assessments for higher education institutions. It uses artificial intelligence to create customized learning experiences for students in higher education.


mathematics education, automated grading, AI

Gradescope is an AI-powered grading and feedback tool that automates the grading process for homework, exams, and other assignments. It saves time for educators and provides them with valuable insights into students' performance.


AI-powered education, automated assessment

Cognii is an AI-based educational technology provider. Their virtual tutor offers natural language dialogue and personalized feedback to students, enhancing the learning experience through artificial intelligence.


learning management system, adaptive learning, AI

Edmentum is an AI-powered e-learning platform that provides adaptive courseware and assessments for K-12 students. It leverages artificial intelligence to personalize the learning experience and offer tailored educational content and assessments.

Carnegie Learning

mathematics education, AI-powered learning

Carnegie Learning is an AI-powered math education platform that offers personalized courseware and assessments for K-12 students. It utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver tailored math learning experiences to students.


online education, course marketplace

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers courses, certificates, and degree programs from top universities and companies. It incorporates AI-powered features such as personalized recommendations and assessments to optimize the learning experience for users.


flashcards, study tool, educational platform

Quizlet is a learning platform that uses AI-powered algorithms to create adaptive study materials and assessments for students. It provides personalized learning experiences and helps students enhance their knowledge and retention of various subjects.


virtual tutoring, academic support

Gradeslam is an AI-powered tutoring platform that offers personalized and on-demand tutoring for K-12 students. It provides tailored support to students, helping them improve their academic performance with one-on-one tutoring sessions.


educational Q&A community, knowledge sharing

Brainly is an AI-powered online learning platform that connects students and provides peer-to-peer homework help and expert solutions. It utilizes artificial intelligence to facilitate collaborative learning and offer assistance with academic questions.

Thinkster Math

mathematics education, online tutoring, AI

Thinkster Math is an AI-powered math tutoring platform that provides personalized coaching and feedback for K-12 students. It offers individualized math instruction to help students improve their skills and confidence.


student management system, school administration

PowerSchool is an AI-powered student information system that provides data analytics and insights for educators to personalize learning and track student progress. It helps educational institutions optimize their teaching strategies and support student growth.

SMART Learning Suite

interactive learning, classroom technology, AI

SMART Learning Suite is an AI-powered classroom collaboration platform that provides interactive learning experiences and assessments for K-12 students. It utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance student engagement and facilitate effective teaching practices.

Top Hat

student engagement, classroom response system

Top Hat is an AI-powered classroom engagement platform that provides interactive tools and assessments for educators. It enables educators to personalize learning, engage students in real-time activities, and track their progress effectively.

Otter AI

online forms, survey creation, data collection is an AI-powered transcription and note-taking tool that provides automatic transcription and collaboration features for students and educators.

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